What is Literary Magic?

Literary Magic is an online magazine for literary enthusiasts, writers, wordsmith and other members of the literati community. We publish stories and articles on “Language” and “Literature.”

Literary Magic is a hybrid of the traditional magazine and modern blogging platform: we are a publication that publishes easily and often like a blog, but one which operates with the high standards and editorial structure of a print magazine.

Literary Magic is a Story. An exciting, never-ending suspense thriller where words come alive and stories transport you into imaginary worlds.

Wow. You just blew mind.


Why Should I Care About All This “Language and Literature” Stuff?

I’m not a writer, wordsmith or big reader. And most of the hottest blogs and media sites on the web today are either news, business or video. So why should I care about this  “language and literature”stuff?

Because language is more than just words on a static text page. Language is dynamic. It’s ever-changing. And it’s also how people communicate. It’s what makes us human, and separates people from every other form of life in existence. And stories are more than fiction. Great literature shows us what real life could be like, and what it is. Literature captures life. Explains life. And transform our own lives with extra meaning. Literature is therefore ultimate form of language.

Hmm. Never thought of it that way.


Tell Me Your Mission–in Simple English, please.

Our mission is to help people find and enjoy the best literature stories and language articles on the web, and do so in a visually appealing, easy to share and simple way. We also strive to help people improve their communication skills with the study of linguistics. In the process, we help new and emerging writers get recognized for their talent. Literary Magic covers the entire life of words, from their roots (etymology, linguistics) to their highest forms of use and representation (literature). To support our mission, we…

  • …Publish stories and poems to inspire and entertain.
  • …Review books to help validate and recognize new authors.
  • …Organize literary competitions for writers, and interview authors for expert advice.
  • …Help people improve their communication with our articles linguistics, grammar and etymology.


Okay, okay. I get it. But what makes Literary Magic different from every other literary magazine out there?

  • Versatility of Content: Literary Magic is the first magazine to cover all aspects of language and literature. Most publications only publish stories and poems. Or they stick to philology (defined as “the study of language”). The founders of Literary Magic were literati, both writers and wordsmiths. Literary Magic serves a home for all literati, a place where they can read and enjoy both literature and articles on linguistics.
    Literary Magic covers the entire life of words. From their births and roots (etymology) to their highest forms of use and representation (literature).

  • Easy Reading: Literary Magic uses a unique method of display our featured content on our Home page, making our stories visually appealing and a easy to access. You’ll notice we borrowed and transformed the “look and feel” that people love about Online Video and used it to power language and literature.

  • Share Anywhere: Social media is a great way to share content. But most of these sharing websites are used for nonfiction articles, like news. What if we could do the same, just for fiction or poetry? Literary Magic makes sharing your favorite short story as easy as the latest news article. Literary Magic also takes commenting to a new level, allowing readers to discuss and share our content in concert with their social media profiles, including Twitter and Facebook.


I Want To Find Out More. Who Runs This Show?

Literary Magic is run by 19-year-old Editor-in-Chief Rocky Reichman and a dedicated team of  7 editors editors, 2 web developers/designers and dozens of writers who are all passionate about language and literature.

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Meet the Literary Magic Editorial Team and Contributing Writers.


What’s the Etymology Behind the Name “Literary Magic?”

This requires more than a short story, but we’ll try to be as concise as possible here.

Literary Magic is what happens when you “make magic” with words. Back in 2005 when Rocky was building the original website, he saw something that grabbed him and didn’t let go. He jumped up, grabbed a chair and searched to make sure the name was free.

What did he see? Two book blurbs that claimed the literary masterpieces they reviewed made “literary magic” with their words. The words “literary magic” hit a nerve with Rocky (not literally), and he immediately knew this summed up the idea and purpose of his creation.

And who were those lucky authors who made “literary magic” with their writing? Oh, just some regular old folks you may or may not recognize: Christopher Paolini, author of Eragon, and J.K. Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter series. (If you haven’t heard of Harry Potter, please leave).

Take a tour through Literary Magic. Explore what we offer, and read, share and discuss some articles. We hope you find Literary Magic to be unputdownable.
Literary Magic was founded in 2005 by Rocky Reichman, and is a publication of Reichman Media™.