Literary Magic to Cease Publication: Please Read


Literary Magic will be closing our virtual doors and cease publication as of after May 20, 2011, a specific date to be announced soon. The website will remain live, but no new content will be published. Please see below for relevant information for both readers and writers. Our original close date of April 1, 2011 has been extended to after May 20, 2011. Copyright: In order to give our authors as much value as they can gain from their contributions, we want to make sure they can use their content however they please, and will therefore will remove it from the website if requested to do so. There will still ...

March 22, 2011

Paradise Lost: Milton Hero


By Greg Bauder.     Milton is the true hero in Paradise Lost. Milton said his aim to do "things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme" was for one thing to "Justify the ways of God to man." But in saying this, as a man, he was trying to justify the ways of God to himself. That appears to be why Milton, as narrator, is the most powerful and heroic force to be reckoned with in the poem. And while Milton revolutionized poetry by writing his epic in blank verse he also created a type of Monism that was derived from so much erudition, probably from other religions, even Eastern ones, that he ...

March 20, 2011

Literary Magic Short Story and Poetry Contest Winners


Contest Results: Literary Magic has met with yet another pair of successful writing contests. Last month, we closed our first ever paid writing contest. Now, the editors have spoken, and offered free critiques for the winning entries. The first place poem and story winners will each receive their promised payments, as well as their critiques which can be found directly following each story and poem. Just click on the link to be taken to each winner's page to read the entry followed by editors' critiques. Literary Magic would like to thank all of the writers who submitted their work. While we received many pieces worthy of recognition, only the top three ...

January 17, 2011

The Enemy


The Enemy By Joan Kaplan Forgive me for not keeping in touch. I know they told you I was wounded in action; did they tell you that I was missing, too, for two days, and then was found, barely breathing but alive? Perhaps it’s best if they didn’t; why worry you needlessly. I was found, although two others in my unit have not been. It’s been weeks and they are still missing and, we all fear, lost to the enemy – not the Iraqis, but the war, the real enemy. ...

June 23, 2010

From Written Word to Moving Image


Literary Magic Editor-in-Chief Rocky Reichman also had the opportunity to interview the co-producers of Patricia Cornwell's The Front, Emmy award-winning Stan Brooks and his partner, Jim Head. The two producers have experience working with successful authors. In one-on-one interviews with each producer, they each gave their advice on what it takes to succeed in the business of film production. Stan Brooks emphasized the importance of a Liberal Arts education, saying that you need an appreciation of music and how that music works in a movie in order to succeed in his business. Indeed, when this author watched The Front for the first time just an hour after these words were ...

June 23, 2010

Fiberglass Dinosaurs


Fiberglass Dinosaurs By Karl Koweski   The frozen monstrosities hulk in the Tennessee woods like junkyard Camaros. It’s the prehistoric world as envisioned by Dr. Seuss. red dinosaur blue dinosaur one dinosaur two dinosaurs Fiberglass dinosaurs languish in the mid July heat. Giant toy reptiles consort regardless of Mesozoic period. Deep time is an illusion in the reality of the moment. My family and I stand in the shadow of a forty foot tall Tyrannosaurus Rex shellacked into PBS subjugation. My wife views Dinosaur World as a chance to exercise her legs after a four hour drive. My daughter sees it as another experience to relate to her grade school friends. For me its another wasted fifty dollars, another bead on a vacational string of wasted fifty dollars. My three-year-old son sees a ...

January 21, 2010

Can a Monkey be Taught to Type Shakespeare?


Mathematical Linguistics by Jack Reichman, Ph.D.   There are some who would believe that given enough time and energy, a monkey could be taught to type, get lucky, and write some memorable prose. These are probably the same people who believe that luck plays the major role in all art. Let’s see if that is really true by doing a thought experiment.

December 13, 2009

Travel The World With Poetry: Travel Writing


By Earl J. Wilcox.     I wish I could write on a plane while traveling   to a city in the Middle East. Though my stop   is Dubai---peaceful oasis hundreds of miles   from battle zones in Iraq--if fear and emotion   trigger words, traveling to a world ravaged   by wars ought to give birth at least to prefixes   or shapes like words. Poems refuse to be born.   When I fly west for a visit with a sick sister--   a trip without a happy ending---should not   I at least find sounds to chart a poem about   endings and beginnings, family ties, siblings   and stepmothers, memories piling on top   of each other, emotions brimming above   and beneath surfaces to fill a chapbook.   My inability to write while traveling seems   a puny ...

November 29, 2009

Pirate Coast: Dead Or Alive? How About Both.


By Heidi Hirner     With the kind of money the company pays, they can pick and choose their delivery men.     And they picked me because I'm the best captain they know of - there isn't anyone able to match my skills in navigation, and you'd need skills of my order to safely navigate these routes less traveled.     And the other reason is because I'm so fast. The fastest. That's why they've given me that strange nickname. They know I can get this ship and my crew to fly.       PIRATE COAST     ...

November 11, 2009

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream. The Alpha-Roera Incident


By Terry Voyle     “Peeeeeeep,” the intercom in my compartment shrilled. I shook the sleep from my mind and pressed the connect button.   “Chief,” it was my control operator Jervis.   “What?” I answered, testily.   “May-day, from Alpha-Reora 2”, he shouts excitedly. “It’s the distress beacon.   “Be right there”, I reply. I dress rather hurriedly. This is the first May-day we’ve had, no-one puts out a beacon unless things are desperate. There’s a code of levels of emergency, ...

October 24, 2009