The Sphinx of Tongue


The Sphinx of Tongue By Melika Salihbeg Bosnawi a w o r d a b o u t t r a n s l a t i o n     This word ... came into existence from blood, from each drop of blood, from each red drop of blood flowing through my veins in the course of writing of the greatest part of my poems. The first winter of One Thousandth Nine Hundred and Eighty Second year, why shouldn't I say, just as it was happening, a January and February chill; a rheumatic fragility of the attic’s ...

January 21, 2010

Can a Monkey be Taught to Type Shakespeare?


Mathematical Linguistics by Jack Reichman, Ph.D.   There are some who would believe that given enough time and energy, a monkey could be taught to type, get lucky, and write some memorable prose. These are probably the same people who believe that luck plays the major role in all art. Let’s see if that is really true by doing a thought experiment.

December 13, 2009

Linguistics Essay: Britishisms


British Language, Grammar and Spelling: The Difference By Rocky Reichman   English is a shape shifter. Our language is spoken in dozens of forms and in dozens of dialects. Each country has its own version of English, with its rules and nuances. But the most popular ways of speaking English are the British way and American way. Sure, Americans and British do speak the same language, English. But there are differences in spelling, grammar and even language itself.     As an Editor for Literary Magic, an online and therefore international magazine, I speak with writers from over a dozen countries around the world. Literary Magic, receives most of its submissions from writers in the ...

October 23, 2009