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Literary Magic seeks to set the standard in the publishing world. We review both fiction and nonfiction books, short story and poetry collections. We welcome review submissions from new as well as established writers. We review published books but will accept galley copies for pre-publication review. We will also review self-published books, e-books and POD titles, and we are very open to debut authors.

What We Review. Our Preferences:

Fiction: We will review any genre, but prefer Thrillers, Mysteries, Historical, Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Suspense novels.

Literature: Short Story and Poetry Collections

Nonfiction: Nonfiction books should be related to the subject manner we publish, like books about words and linguistics to writing guides, but we will also consider How-To, Humor and the occasional memoir.

Collections of short stories and poetry may be any subject, any style.



Due to the incredible demand for review by Literary Magic, we are only accepting a limited number of books to review. We give priority to books that have not been published yet, just because those authors have limited time. Queries beforehand are a must if you want your book to stand out of the pile. We review books from new writers as well as established authors, and are not very picky in what types of books we review.

The majority of books reviewed by Literary Magic are fictional, either novel or short story\poetry collections. Nonfiction books should be related to the subject manner we publish, like books about words and linguistics to writing guides.

What You Will Get From Our Review:

A Literary Magic review is written to be informative and entertaining. Our reviews analyze a book’s strength and weaknesses. They serve as critiques as well as reviews.

Literary Magic has thousands of visitors and hundreds of dedicated readers who return each issue to read the content we publish. They read reviews to be informed about the books, and if they like what they read, they may even buy the book.

Submitting a Book for Review. How Does it Work?

To submit your book for Review, query us first with a request for a review. Send an e-mail to Editor Rocky Reichman at In your message, be sure to include your name and proper contact information, a short bio, and a Synopsis of your book.

If your book is accepted for Review, we will contact you with instructions on how you can forward your work to us.

Your book will be Reviewed in a future issue of Literary Magic, and will be published in our “Book Reviews” section. You will receive an advance copy of the review prior to its publication.

Will you automatically get a positive review? No, but you will get something much better: an honest review. If your book deserves a good review, then it will get one based on its own merits.

Literary Magic receives many books and review queries. We cannot guarantee a review, but we will consider all books and review queries that are sent to us.

Every book reviewed by Literary Magic is eligible for our Writer Spotlight honor. If our editors like your work, they may Select it to be honored in a future issue of Literary Magic as our Writer Spotlight. Your book will be featured on our Home page. You will be in the “Spotlight” for our magazine, and we will give you extra publicity and promotion to help you sell your work. (We’ll even put a link on our site to where our readers can buy your book!)

Disclaimer: Literary Magic has the right to refuse to review any book at any time for any reason. In addition, only books that contain apropriate content will be accepted. Our reviews do not necessarily endorse the books, they mainly analyze and critique them. This is not a service, and we do not charge for reviews. For more information on our book reviews, please contact our Editor at the e-mail address listed above.


Contact us at to Submit your Book for Review.