From Written Word to Moving Image

Posted on: June 23, 2010
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filmsmallLiterary Magic Editor-in-Chief Rocky Reichman also had the opportunity to interview the co-producers of Patricia Cornwell’s The Front, Emmy award-winning Stan Brooks and his partner, Jim Head. The two producers have experience working with successful authors. In one-on-one interviews with each producer, they each gave their advice on what it takes to succeed in the business of film production. Stan Brooks emphasized the importance of a Liberal Arts education, saying that you need an appreciation of music and how that music works in a movie in order to succeed in his business. Indeed, when this author watched The Front for the first time just an hour after these words were spoken, the dynamics and influence of the music on the action was evident. The music helped set the mood for scenes and, in this author’s opinion, create a more powerful, engaging story.


Stan Brooks’ partner Jim Head, who is both a screenwriter and film producer, is well-versed in the industry from multiple sides. Head emphasized that no matter the form of communication, successful entertainment still comes down to having a good story. “Content is king,” said Head, an often-repeated phrase but nonetheless critically important term.


How did it feel from the author’s perspective to have her book transformed onto the screen? “It’s surreal. It’s so strange when you see something you did and suddenly it’s acted out in front of you and it makes it so big.”



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