Literary Magic Short Story and Poetry Contest Winners

Posted on: January 17, 2011
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Contest Results:

Literary Magic has met with yet another pair of successful writing contests. Last month, we closed our first ever paid writing contest. Now, the editors have spoken, and offered free critiques for the winning entries. The first place poem and story winners will each receive their promised payments, as well as their critiques which can be found directly following each story and poem.

Just click on the link to be taken to each winner’s page to read the entry followed by editors’ critiques.

Literary Magic would like to thank all of the writers who submitted their work. While we received many pieces worthy of recognition, only the top three poems and top three stories are mentioned here. Literary Magic offers congratulations to the winners, and wishes everyone good luck in their future writing endeavors.

Short Story Competition Winners:
1st Place: “Hitchhiker” by Joanne Weck
2nd Place: “Landscape and Fall” by Mark Wagstaff
3rd Place: “Cooking With Endangered Animals” by Lisa Rose

Poetry Competition Winners:
1st Place: “I Shudder” by Shirley Bracken
2nd Place: “Ain’t No Dr. Suess” by Lisa Rose
3rd Place: “A Father’s Love” by Anthony Murray


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