Travel The World With Poetry: Travel Writing

Posted on: November 29, 2009
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By Earl J. Wilcox.


I wish I could write on a plane while traveling

to a city in the Middle East. Though my stop

is Dubai—peaceful oasis hundreds of miles

from battle zones in Iraq–if fear and emotion

trigger words, traveling to a world ravaged

by wars ought to give birth at least to prefixes

or shapes like words. Poems refuse to be born.

When I fly west for a visit with a sick sister–

a trip without a happy ending—should not

I at least find sounds to chart a poem about

endings and beginnings, family ties, siblings

and stepmothers, memories piling on top

of each other, emotions brimming above

and beneath surfaces to fill a chapbook.

My inability to write while traveling seems

a puny admission that whether the trip’s to

a place where pleasure rules or death keeps

company with everyone inside a sickroom,

something nudges me into solitude, space

for wonder, a momentary stay of the soul

until stability arrives as I wait, free to consider

how once again I breathe words and write.LM_Oasis_big2


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