Detective Smith: A Short Story

Posted on: October 19, 2009
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By Ndifor Eleves


Detective Smith jumped out of his bed as soon as he heard the noise. Someone must have jumped over the fence, he told himself. His hand went straight for his gun and he crawled out of his bed making sure he did not wake of his wife. There was a strange smile on his face as he quietly opened the window and stepped out of the house into the darkness of the night. He was naked but for his pant. He went round the house towards the main entrance, peeped but saw nobody. The smile on his face disappeared. He quickly looked around but the night was too dark to see beyond twenty metres and he thought his operation was going to fail. He wanted to put an end to the shame he still felt after what some few days back.


Five days ago, an armed man successfully introduced himself in Detective Smith’s bedroom at 3 o’clock in the morning. That was on Monday. The detective and his wife were fast asleep in each other’s arms when someone poured cold water on them. They reluctantly woke up and found a man wearing a head mask holding a gun in both hands. Detective Smith did not need someone to tell him that one of the guns was his. After threats at gunpoint, the stranger took away some money as well as some jewels and later on, Detective Smith found his gun on a sofa in the sitting room. He swore to himself that he was going to do everything he could to arrest this criminal. He could not admit the shame of seeing himself, a law enforcement office being robbed in his own bedroom and with his own gun.


One thing he could not understand was how the thief managed to introduce himself into his bedroom without forcing the doors or windows. He concluded that he must have forgotten to lock one of the doors that night before going to bed. There was nothing on earth that could make him think that his own 18 year old daughter was part of this theft. On her boyfriend’s advice, she had left the main door open that night after her parents had gone to bed. Her boyfriend and her needed money for a birthday party they wanted to attend on Saturday and this was the only solution they had to make money. They got about six hundred dollars from that operation. Detective Smith could never know that the enemy he was looking for was in his own house. He forgot the old adage which says “before you complain that there is a bad odour in the room, make sure you verify if the odour is not coming from your mouth.”


Smith’s daughter was not a bad girl but her father’s strict rules forced her to always do extreme things whenever she wanted to behave like girls her age. As a clear example, Smith made it clear to his daughter that she was not allowed to go out at night unless she was accompanied by one of her parents and she was obliged to always do everything she could to attend even a friend’s party.


Smith went to the back part of the building to verify it was clear and he saw what he was looking for. He saw somebody moving his daughter’s window slowly. His first intention was to arrest the criminal alive because it could also help him to get the promotion he had been looking for. As he moved towards the criminal, he noticed that the criminal had something in his hand- probably a gun and this discouraged Smith. This meant he could not easily arrest him alive for fear of being killed. The criminal cautiously went towards Smith’s daughter’s window and opened it. When he was about to enter the room, Smith fired his gun and saw the criminal fall from the window. He ran into the house and phoned his colleague that was on night duty.


“Hi Harry, it’s Smith.” He said in a shaky voice.


“I know. What gets you out of your bed at this hour on a Saturday night?” The other asked.

“Sorry to disturb you, Harry. I just killed an armed man who was about to enter my house. Could you come over to my place for necessary formalities?” Smith asked.


“Just relax yourself. I will be there in less than ten minutes, okay?” Harry said from the other end.


Smith brought out a bottle of whiskey from the cupboard and emptied part of it in his throat. Some minutes later, Harry arrived some minutes later accompanied by a female colleague. This was the hour Smith had been waiting for ever since he became a law enforcement officer. He wanted his colleague to witness his prowess that night. He led his colleagues to where the corpse was lying and they were all shocked when they noticed the criminal was a girl and was not armed as Smith had claimed on the phone. It was her shoes she had in her hands and not a gun as Smith thought. They both bent over the corpse to get a closer view of the criminal’s face. Smith jumped suddenly and gave out a sharp cry when he got a closer view of the criminal’s face- it was his own daughter he had just killed. She had just come back from the party she and her boyfriend had robbed her parents just to attend.



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