1st Place Poetry: “I Shudder” by Shirley Bracken

Posted on: January 17, 2011
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I Shudder
By Shirley Bracken

I feel nothing
your icy kiss
leaves me numb

Your raw coat
of shifting winds
leaves me frigid


in the cold
I shudder

Editor’s Critique
By Charles Brooks III, Literary Magic Poetry Editor

This poem is by far the best submitted to the contest because it is open and can be read the way the reader breathes. The poem doesn’t tell the reader every emotion, but leaves it gaping to mirror how “cold” we feel and what makes us “shudder”. “I Shudder” can be about the season itself or whatever it is that makes the reader (at that moment) shiver at the thought of the past, present, or future. A barren landscape covered in snow is isolated to one standing there without company – or it is a cold bed vacant of that company most loved.


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