2nd Place Poem: “Ain’t No Dr. Seuss” by Lisa Rose,

Posted on: January 17, 2011
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Ain’t No Dr. Seuss
By Lisa Rose

We got mold bright and bold.
Freaks and leaks, dealers and stealers,
Do you hear me Sam I am?
We got pimps with limps
And hoes so high, they fly
To the top. Hear that,
Hop on Pop?
Fox in socks hold on tight,
Or cold feet—tonight.
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
Grinch make a wish
No Christmas in the Shelter,
Only helter skelter.
The Cat in the Hat
Kills more than a rat.
Thing One and Thing Two,
Shoot ya for your shoe.
This is 224, Highland Avenue
Sam I am. Oh No!
The places you go!

Editor’s Critique
By Charles Brooks III, Literary Magic Poetry Editor

This poem could have gone wrong on so many levels, but this poem never came close to any of those pitfalls. It takes something tragic and mirrors the lack of “help” sing-song lyrics from childhood offer. Yet, even as the “tragic” worked its way into this poem, it didn’t break from the flow. The MOST important factor is that the poem didn’t preach. The poem didn’t make a mockery of its point. Even with so many references it didn’t even remove the brilliance of Dr. Seuss.


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