3rd Place Poem: “A Father’s Love” By Anthony Murray

Posted on: January 17, 2011
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A Father’s Love
By Anthony Murray

I Thought That I Knew All About Love,
And Then I Was Blessed With You From Above.
You Are Such A Handsome Little Boy,
And Have Brought Me So Much Joy.
For You I Will Always Be There,
For You I Will Always Care.

I Love You With All Of My Heart,
I Always Have From The Very Start.
Always Do The Best You Can,
And You Will Grow To Be A Great Man.
My Love For You Will Never Falter,
You Will Make Someone Very Happy At The Altar.

A Father’s Love Is A Bond For Life,
Something That Can Be Cut By No Knife.

Editors’ Critiques

Charles Brooks III, Literary Magic Poetry Editor: This poem is endearing, real, and pure. It takes a universal and makes it personal. Never play down what is forever. This poem went above and beyond – every step of the way. It’s a real connection that’s brought back in a style that feels a close cousin to Blake. It illuminates the importance of words and how they are made vivid through simple technique….that’s only simple because it is not. That is a true sign of budding talent. This poem is life and love.

Rocky Reichman, Literary Magic Editor-in-Chief: This poet shows a master aptitude for communicating a heartfelt and powerful message but through simple, easy to comprehend rhymes. The poem does not offer any negative thoughts on the child, but that may very well be a main point of A Father’s Love. A Father’s Love is a true love, one of optimism and compassion. What this poem shows is that love is not merely an emotion human beings feel, but that it is something we value as much as a father should value his son, so much so that we can overlook any negative aspects we think this child may possess and only focus on the positives.


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