Rose of Darkness: Word

Posted on: January 21, 2010
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Rose of Darkness: W o r d

By Melika Salihbeg Bosnawi


Word is not the same as a step
not a borrowed space
Nor is it to the family of the cymbal alike
whose sound always melts away

And when into a thousand of itself multiplied
word only for an instant reminds of a zither
if you touch its string, it long after vibrates

Word is from endless Sleeplessness
sprinkles with genesis Nothing
adds the entities

Word is a rapid of Being, eddy in which
there drowns the Nothing
gush of Mercy, which from deadness brings back

Word is of the same origin as all it touches
and with it to the same confluence returns

Word is speech and silence all at once
and if the word is about it
silence is with speech identical

Word to everything gives form but itself comes
from formlessness
Guarantee for Yes
and guarantee for No
Its Lord is the First Who is without a before
and the Last Who is without a later
Once revealed by Him word becomes
hermeneutics of all existent


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