The Painter’s Mantle

Posted on: January 21, 2010
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The Painter’s Mantle
By Nayanathara


Whenever I get time, I do pen a few lines of poetry or don the painter’s mantle,
Not a mere hobby or an idle woman’s pastime –
But an exploration of my long-lost identity, an honest expression of my thoughts,
an aesthetic unravelling of my past, present and future.
Quite often, I do spend a considerable time pondering over my life’s incorrigible patterns –
Its sudden undulations, its sloppy curves, mountainous terrains, gargantuan crevices and gorges, its stupendous waterfalls…
After having thought long and hard, I finally wield my long, broad brush and palette of cool, placid colours.
In a span of few hours, a painting is created –
The sad rendering of a collage of images, fragments of broken desires etched into the canvas of life.
But today, what has happened to me?
All of a sudden, I’m at a loss with myself.
I’m feeling perplexed and flustered at my indecisiveness, lack of clarity of thought…
I don’t know what to paint.
What should I paint?
Shall I paint you? Me? The dark, stormy turbulence of an unforgettable past?
I really don’t know. I don’t have an idea.
I squeeze my head for an answer. I had never felt like this before.
I never had any dearth of ideas. But what has happened to me now?
I throw the brush down in a fit of desperation and anger.
The palette hits the wall and a riot of colours splashes across the ceiling;
A random mixture of soft, dark and violent colours…
In just a few seconds, a painting is born.
The whole of nature appears embedded in it;
Its deep seas, dragon whirlpools, cave-mouthed tornadoes, wild forests and mountains…
Perfectly etched into the background are two dark shadows;
Two images trying to find a world of solace in the dark, unknown wilderness.


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