Thicker Than Blood

Posted on: January 21, 2010
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Thicker Than Blood
A Novel by M.A.Newhall
Reviewed by Literary Magic contributor



A great idea.

This is perhaps the best accomplishment that Thicker than Blood achieves. Finding a creative, original idea has become a rare gem in science fiction nowadays, and the very fact that this author had developed something new told this reviewer he had to read the book.

Thicker than Blood follows a man who suffers from a disease where he, quite simply, does not heal. There is something wrong with his body’s immune system. But then he receives a great gift—the gift of small nano-sized machines that enter his body and not only protect him, but grant him the ability to be able to regenerate and heal from any wound. But there others who want to steal this wonderful trait—gift or technology, call it what you wish–and use it to, you guessed it, profit from it.

Who wouldn’t want to be invincible? And at what cost? The book speaks to the modern era, where scientists tout or debate the possibilities that nanotechnogy—using small, small atomic particles for healing or economic purposes—will save heal or improve the status of many issues the world faces today. And, whether it is good or bad for us, Thicker than Blood may be a forecast into what the future holds if nanotechnology takes hold.
The book’s characters are developed with defined traits. Fewer main characters would have made the story easier to follow, and the author could have been clearer with character actions: who was doing what in the scene, where were they doing it, and in what order?

But this is all overshadowed by the fact that Thicker than Blood is a novel that will be extremely critical as our society learns about controversial developments in
science. Will the world accept new discoveries and technologies as much-needed help?

Or will they shun them?

For the answer, I recommend you start with reading Thicker than Blood. This novel has been “built strong,” and has clearly been refined by an author who is passionate and punctual about his stories. Watch out, fellow sci fic books, Thicker than Blood is ready to go to press.


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