Posted on: January 21, 2010
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By Geneva A. Moshier


You see the person you work for coming your way.
You can tell by his face, he has something bad to say.
He looks at his feet, he tugs on his tie.
You can see he doesn’t want to look you in the eye.

Our Profits are down. Our business is slow.
I am afraid we’ll have to let you go.
You’re 55 who will want you? What will you do?
You know you’re in trouble but don’t know what to do.

You’ve worked hard for the same company most of your life.
You’ve provided well for yourself, children and wife.
You’ve been there for them in good times and strife.
Knowing you’ve lost your job cuts at you like a knife.

It doesn’t help knowing you are not alone.
Others are losing their jobs and even their homes.
Millions of people are standing in lines.
They’re looking for jobs they just can’t find.

You worked hard all of your life doing what was right.
You worked many hard hours day and night.
It’s hard to believe you are the one no one will hire.
To work and support your family is your only desire.

You feel like a failure. You hate to go home.
It doesn’t help knowing you’re not alone.
You’re not proud. You will take any job you can find.
You may find that job, but will you find it in time.

This is not the way you planned for things to be.
There were just things you could not foresee.
You’ve done your best. You’ve played your part.
Now all you have to show is a broken heart.


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