Words Between Us

Posted on: January 21, 2010
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Words Between us
By Ivana Plucinski


Words between us
Are not the breathing wind that hides our footprints,
Not waves that fall on any shore
Nor conquest, nor bitterness of defeats
This lexis of intuitive wing
Sets course by star
In images of coming home
And echoes of understanding,

The matter of life may weigh heavy
In the mass of memory
And by inertia or momentum spin
Might resist new fields of being,
Content with virtual force of wishful influence,
Looking into mirrors of time
Where orbits of the planets
Make ages in the mind.

Words between us
Fly from the ashes, make new fire
New lust for life real energy,
Attracted for a million miles;
We let the dance of light make light
In fusions of our psychic elements
For creation’s forms of love.

Words between us
Weave pathway through the world
Illuminating our futures
That we dare to follow
Into the mysteries of our unknowns
As boundaries merge into each other
Though trembling with uncertainty,
They reach out to the courage,
To grow with every heartbeat
Till all is aching with our love
And passion asks the flowers
To flourish in our sharing.

Words between us
Never colliding with possession
Pass through earth and sky and ocean,
Carried by our spirits of eternity
That know no shadows of time,
Cast no judgment in the stone or flesh,
Find peace dynamic pleasure
In mutual minds of every loving action;
For where our words shall go
Out tryst will surely follow.


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