Four-footing-it from the Ground: A Poem

Posted on: October 19, 2009
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By Daniel Reuben Barlow


four-footing-it from the ground

‘like Straaw Bear-re -Why-i-9’

we danced,
with you– all tiny arms, four-footing-it
from the ground,

and me– sometimes straying into step
and staying, diligently, out of tune.

For the short hours of an afternoon
we were the seasonal laughter
of a carousel wheel

and the awkward dip
of a high-school dance.

(thought i’d be spinning for the rest of the day)

I would lean down
and touch my lips to your head,
as you little-personed-it,
squiggling and fish jiggling,
laying kisses on
the big glass door

and casting out
the eerie image of the child
who walks here when you’re gone.

And it’s strange that before the-short-hour-call
I would look at her
just as much as I eye-balled you,

that in the dying minutes of
an afternoon visit,
I might see you there–



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